Cynthia Baker: Baroque Violin, Harp, Treble Viol, Vielle, Krummhorn & Percussion

Abra Conitz: Viola de Gamba, Krummhorn & Rebec

*Christmas Concert*

Jodi Buckles: Recorders & Krummhorn

Janet Green: Recorders, Rebec, Krummhorns, Tenor Viol, Viheula, Harpsichord, Psaltery & Percussion

    *Christmas Concert*

“Sweet Music”

Musica Dolce in Italian means sweet music. The group was established in 1978 by musicians with a vital interest in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music. Playing on period instruments, they recreate the spirit of the courts and cathedrals. Since its founding, Musica Dolce has enchanted and educated thousands of people throughout the state of Arizona with performances that evoke all the pageantry of an earlier age.

 Musica Dolce has been on the Arizona Commission on the Arts touring roster for a number of years, performing on concert series presented by ASU Kerr Cultural Center, Flagstaff Festival of the Arts, Phoenix and Sun Cities Art Museums, Arizona’s early music societies, Phoenix Boys Choir and the Phoenix Bach Choir. An invitation to perform for the International Cervantes Festival in Guanajuato led to a concert tour of Monterrey and Mexico City. In 2003 Musica Dolce was one of the featured artists at the 19th annual Alamos Cultural Festival in Alamos, Mexico.

VIOLA DA GAMBA      VIOLIN       VIHUELA        REBEC                             



For More Information Contact Musica Dolce at: 602-265-9764 or 602-993-9869

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